Takamatua Valley Vineyard
59 Long Bay Road
PO Box 83, Akaroa 8161,
Banks Peninsula, New Zealand

Email: manager@takamatuavalley.co.nz
T: 643.304.8990 (Int'l) 03.304.8990 (NZ)

Liquor License

Akaroa Winery

The winery, nestled on the north facing slopes of the lush hills above the historical village of Akaroa, produces wines with great intensity and finesse. The rugged terroir of the volcanic soils comes through in their wines unique flavours. Certified organic, every aspect of the growing and planting are dedicated to sustainable farming techniques in the Canterbury region of the country’s South Island. The wines resemble the more fruit dominant California wines which is no surprise as the owner’s of Takamatua Valley Vineyards are linked to the north coast of California in more ways than one.

Timberly Hughes, of San Francisco, California and her Kiwi husband, Allan Ransley, purchased the vineyard in 2001 and with great hope for the young winery representing a blend of their worlds. Commenting on their long distance relationship, Timberly explains,

After hopping continents for several years, we decided to settle in New Zealand, secretly hoping to escape the earthquake prone California coast and enjoy a simpler life.

Unfortunately, the devastating earthquake that destroyed the nearby city of Christchurch last February has tempered their dream somewhat, but has made them more determined to reap the unique qualities of the Akaroa terroir.

The winery first opened in 1995 and the first small vintage of wine was pressed from winery grapes in 1999. The vineyard was in full production as of the year 2000. Takamatua Valley Vineyards are the first and only certified Organic vineyard and winery estate on Banks Penninsula and have been under new ownership since May 2001. The Takamatua Valley Vineyards is expected to occupy an enviable niche as a producer of fine wines with distinctive character.

The Takamatua Valley Vineyards offers superb facilities and service from boutique wine tastings to facility rentals for weddings, business and private functions.