Takamatua Valley Vineyard
59 Long Bay Road
PO Box 83, Akaroa 8161,
Banks Peninsula, New Zealand

Email: manager@takamatuavalley.co.nz
T: 643.304.8990 (Int'l) 03.304.8990 (NZ)

Liquor License

Takamatua Valley Vineyards opened on Boxing Day 1995.

It was conceived as a cafe / restaurant – at that time there were no producing vineyards on site. The Chimney vineyard was planted at the same time in 1995. This first vineyard was so named because the remnants of an old brick chimney stood right in the middle of the planting area. In all, about 2000 vines were planted – about 1000 vines each of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.

The main building was designed with a Mediterranean theme by Chris Hadlee, local architect. It includes such features as Takamatua Valley Vineyardsclay-piped vents to gables, copper ends to exposed rafters, paint plastered finished walls and concrete tiled roof. The building is North-facing to maximize benefit from the sun and provide a pleasant environment.

The front lobby was used as a waiting area for customers if no seats were available. It was later used as an area for tea and coffee. What is now the downstairs conference room was once used as an art gallery / exhibition area with the outside part being used for morning or afternoon teas. The Cathedral room, used for private functions, was carpeted to help with the acoustics and blinds were fitted to make the room darker for overhead projector use during conferences. These additions were completed in 1998.

A second vineyard was planted in late 1997 and the third in 2000. The second vineyard contains Gewurztraminer while the third has Chardonnay and Riesling. The total of these two plantings was about 2200 vines. In 2013 a forth vineyard comprised of 800 Pinot noir vines was planted. The total of theĀ  vineyards now equates to seven and half acres or approximately 2.15 hectares of vines. Today, the Takamatua Valley Vineyards has a vineyard of about 5000 vines.